El Rey Inn
1862 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM, 87505, US
505-982-1931 | 800-521-1349

Our Oasis

  • Autumn

“Loved to hear the birds in the courtyard. A real retreat from everything. Grounds are so well done! – Alberta, Canada

“El Rey is a very relaxing atmosphere and I love the grounds with multiple fountains.” -- Round Rock, TX

“Passing by – Looking for the night – the trees and flowers like an oasis in the desert.” – Silver Lake, KS

We suppose that the best way to understand El Rey is to meander...through a garden, then another...wandering from the original motor court to the north courtyard via a lush “el Paseo”; climbing the tower stairs and looking down through the tree tops into the Spanish Colonial courtyard.

“Such lovely grounds, with the paths and the fountains and the birds. A hotel that understands Pattern Language!” – New Mexico

And we wondered exactly what is “Pattern Language”? In Christopher Alexander’s book “Pattern Language”, the landscape designer seeks to identify and design physical elements often present in beautiful, humane environments, and therefore helps create a sense of place. In so doing, the sense of environmental care and concern are grounded in a positive emotional impulse. The gardener translates feeling into action and environmental commitment into environmental design. And what follows at El Rey is positive feelings and comments about the inn’s five acres.

“Quiet, comfortable, beautiful grounds, convenient – we really enjoyed our stay! -- Michigan

“Lovely grounds and preservation of original buildings. Appreciate sense of history.” -- Oklahoma

It’s no wonder then that the staff at El Rey is seen smiling as they walk from one chore to the next. The guests find comfort in the beautiful space that is El Rey, and the staff feels fortunate to work in an enchanted garden and within the tangle of beautiful Southwestern buildings.

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